Google Apps Integration

Integrate with Existing Systems Using Google APIs

Google Apps offers an outstanding number of products to help you get your work done but what happens if you want to transfer information from one App to another? For instance, a mail merge where you need to send an e-mail to a whole list of people in a spreadsheet is something that is not an “inbuilt” feature of the Google Apps. If this is the case, Econz have you covered. Econz’s development team personals help you win over these day-to- day difficulties by developing spontaneous easy to work with plug-ins and applications that amplify the advantages of Google Apps. This helps you utilize the powerful tools of Google Apps work more aggressively in your favor resulting in smooth business operations and achieving invincible milestones.

Examples of Integrating Apps

  • Custom Google Forms with validation and email workflow
  • Mail Merge
  • Event Scheduling from Google Sites
  • Finance information into your spreadsheet of Site
  • Custom charting