Google Drive for Work

Face to Face with the Enhanced and Unlimited Version of Google Apps

With Google Drive for work, you can keep your projects moving even while traveling on a plane, in a taxi, or sitting in your hotel room while holidaying. Google Drive enables you to access and share your files wherever and whenever you want them.

Unlimited storage for all of your files, folders, and backup, and easy accessibility across all desktops and mobile devices make Google Drive for work an utmost solution for businesses on the go.

It offers the user to access and preview almost all types of files without the need of any additional software. Flexibility of working and editing documents in native applications for instance word or spreadsheet format offers a pleasant end-user experience.

No More Limits

Google Drive for work comes with unlimited storage, no running out of space. It allows uploading and sharing files of up to 5 terabytes in size.

Find – Share – Access – Collaborate

Empower your co-workers with the power of always-on sharing, editing, and collaboration in a multi-platform world. At office, at home, or on mobile, smooth and easy accessibility of all of your files across places, on desktops, and on mobile devices. Utilize the power of Google search to find files and seamlessly share them with your workforce or external shareholders. Collaborate with your team, work together in real time; and quickly check what updates have taken place on your files.

Reliable – Safe – Secure

For over 10 years, Google have been building some of the most efficient data centers in the world. Google data centers get SSAE 16 / ISAE 3402 Type II, SOC 2-audited and have achieved ISO 27001 certification ensuring safety, security, and reliability.

Powerful Administration

Google Drive for work offers its administrators a powerful set of user and device management tools, permission control, and deeper insights through advanced reporting and auditing capabilities. Along with that having Google Apps Vault enabled, you can retain, archive, search, and export your company’s e-mail and chat messages for your eDiscovery and compliance needs.

Go Unlimited With Drive for Work

Google Drive for Work gives you unlimited storage for all of your files, folders, and backups, and great accessibility across all desktop and mobile platforms. It’s an unlimited version of the Apps for Work package, setting you free from quotas, file size restrictions, and enabling administrators with additional user and device management tools, permission controls, and deeper insights through advanced reporting and auditing capabilities.

Google Drive for Work (“Google Apps Unlimited”) has become one of the most popular option for new customers and is just $10/user/month. For organizations that don’t require larger storage space and do not need the added archiving & eDiscovery functionality of Vault, Google Apps for Work it is still $5/user/month or $50/user/year.


Explore the advantages of Gmail for work and enjoy the freedom of virtually limitless inbox space. Gmail for business provides 30 GB of storage to each of its users. Feel unrestrained with Blackberry and Outlook interoperability and strong spam protection. With 99.9% guaranteed uptime and 0% planned downtime, count on Google’s ultra-reliable servers to keep your lights on all round the year 24/7.


Google’s online calendar is a web-based scheduler application that enables your team members to work together efficiently and help minimize expense and IT hassles. With Google’s integrated online calendar for teams you can quickly share your scheduled plans, arrange meetings, and add video calls to your meetings.


Google Drive for work is a single centralized space for storing, syncing, and sharing your files with your team. The drive allows previewing about 40 different types of files without any additional software. The easily accessible feature and the flexibility of uploading files of up to 5 Tb in size, Google Drive provides a premier solution for your business needs.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a cloud-based word processor that brings your documents to life with easy to use editing and styling tools to help you format your text and paragraphs. Create and edit a variety of text-based documents, store them online, and share them easily with internal and external parties for real-time editing with suggestions, comments, and chat.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an easy to use browser-based spreadsheet application that handles everything from simple task list and data management to complex data analysis with filters, pivot tables, and charts. Equipped with same sharing and real-time collaborative features like docs, the application helps you create, edit, and share spreadsheets from your desktop or mobile devices.

Google Slides

Collaborate and work together with your co-workers on the same presentation at the same time. Access and edit your presentations on the go – from your laptop, tablet, or mobile. Take advantage of the variety of templates and pre-made presentations, all designed to keep you at ease and make your business grow faster.


Chat, message, and interact face-to- face with your co-workers as well as clients without any dedicated software. Start your own hangout conversation or join the rivate ones. You can even go public with a Hangout on Air. Perfect integration of the app with Google Calendar makes things even simpler.


View, create, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on your Android devices as well as on your iPhone or iPad. Break the confinement zone and enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere, just install Quickoffice and access your files through Google Drive.

Google Plus

View, create, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on your Android devices as well as on your iPhone or iPad. Break the confinement zone and enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere, just install Quickoffice and access your files through Google Drive.


Collaborate and work together with your co-workers in real time to create or edit flowcharts, graphics, mind maps, concept maps, or any other type of diagrammatic representations with Google Drawings, a web-based design editor developed by Google.


Plan events, create a survey or poll, or collect other information in a quick and easy way using Google forms. Create a form from Google Drive or directly from an existing spreadsheet. Google Form allows you to automatically collect, summarize, and populate the data in a spreadsheet that can be further utilized for more detailed analysis.


Google’s Website Builder is an easy way to create secure web pages quickly and easily for your company’s intranet and team projects, all without writing a single word of code. Use Google’s Web Creation tools to centralize documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, slideshows and more to keep your team organized.


Vault adds archiving and e-discovery to Google Apps. Company email and chat messages can be archived and retained according to your customized policies, preventing inadvertent deletions. Be prepared for litigation & compliance audits.


Google Groups allows you to create and participate in groups for teams and departments. It is the most powerful way to communicate with the group of email users. You can easily add and remove users from groups to control access.

Hangouts on Air

Connect with your co-workers and clients on high definition videos, voice calls, and text chats. Interact with people face-to- face, yet save your time and money. You can host Hangouts of up to 15 people within or outside your company.

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