It is time to expand your business further by using Google Apps for work. This suite of applications comes with software tools on the cloud to support productivity and collaboration. The list of tools includes Gmail, Google drive, Google calendar, and Google docs.

Even though these tools are available to consumers free of charge, Google Apps for work will add special features to them, such as custom email address at your domain (, 24/7 phone and email support and 30 GB of storage for documents and email.


Google Apps for work adds a special feature in email which differentiates it as an business gmail account from the normal one. It lets you have an email address with your own domain (google business domain email). Let’s say you have a book store website with a domain, Google Apps for work makes it possible for you to have an email address using the domain of your website. That means that you can have an email address like This will make you look more professional and help you gain credibility faster.

Google Apps Explained

Google apps is a set of google productivity apps that let you collaborate, communicate, store, share and much more from a secure environment.


Google Apps for work makes it possible for a business to have an online calendar which can be accessed by your employees and even clients or groups if you want to. This feature enables employees to know their working schedule on a particular day in a manner that is quick, easy and safe. Customers can also get details on when certain products are going to be released by the company for example.


Here, files of your business can be stored. Google drive provides storage capacity of not less than 30 GB for all your business and individual documentation. This is a very important feature in any business since team members can access documents, photos, designs, and drawings and also make necessary changes on the fly whenever and wherever possible. Google Apps for work also provides a privacy feature in this category, meaning that you can set some files to be visible only by managers. You can even make a privacy setting which enables every employee to view certain files but changes can only be made by authorized team members.


Google Apps for work provides a web based platform for creating and editing documents on your business. Create and edit a variety of text-based documents, then easily share them with internal and external parties for real-time editing with suggestions, comments and chat. These documents in Google docs can be accessed by any team member of your business and changes can be made wherever needed. Privacy of certain documents can be used in a way that’s suited. Based on your privacy settings, documents can be accessed by any team members and only edited by a particular member with privileges.


Google Apps also provides an intuitive browser based spread sheet application simple enough for basic task and data management, and powerful enough for advanced data analysis. Just like Google docs Google sheets come with all the sharing, real time collaboration and security features.


Google slides is a browser based presentation creator where in you can used a library of templates or start from scratch to style up a perfect slide deck. Worth mentioning again that Google slides comes with all sharing, real time collaboration and security features just like other applications.


Quickoffice lets you edit Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint® files on your iPhone, iPad and Android device. Leave your desk behind and work from anywhere, just download Quickoffice and your files will be there in Google Drive.


Drawing lets you create and edit graphics, drawings, flowcharts, or diagrams in this web-based image editor. No need to be a design expert to create simple graphics for your projects. Worth mentioning again that Google drawings comes with all sharing, real time collaboration and security features just like other applications.


Google apps includes this utility to create custom forms and surveys for internal or external use, with data being automatically collected, summarized, and populated in a Google Sheet for deeper analysis. Google Forms contains templates, data validation rules, collaboration features, and much more.


Google Sites is an easy way to create secure web pages for intranets and team projects. No coding or HTML required. Use to centralize documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, slideshows and more to help keep teams organized.


Vault adds archiving and e-discovery to Google Apps. Company email and chat messages can be archived and retained according to your customized policies, preventing inadvertent deletions. Be prepared for litigation & compliance audits.


Create groups for teams or departments to quickly and effectively disseminate communications. Easily add and remove users from Groups to control access.


Connect with the people on HD video, voice or text. You can save money and time on travel, but still get all the benefits of face-to-face contact. Host Hangouts for up to 15 people within or outside of your organization.

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With Google Apps for work, your business can benefit from the following advantages:


Google Apps for work enhances team work since company details and documents can be accessed by any team member and changes can be made at any time. Working as a team will boost your business and take it to a higher level.


Since team members of a particular business can have access to the company’s documents at any time, innovative ideas can be shared by team members whenever and wherever possible through Google Apps for work.


Team members can collaborate in such a way that multiple files or projects can simultaneously be accessed by two, three or more team members hence projects can be completed in a cooperative manner.

This is all possible due to the fact that Google Apps for work is a cloud based computing system. This allows you and your colleagues to work from anywhere anytime on a range on mobile devices or desktop. This also means that you don’t have to keep files on your computer and access them whenever from any location and device of your choice.

Business cloud solutions – Google Apps for Work

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