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More Than 5,000,000 Business Including 64% of the Fortune 500 and the Biggest Names in Worldwide Startup Scene Have Gone Google.

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econz is Your Trusted Partner in Going Google for Work. We have been in the foray of Google for Work deployment since 2006. Our experience and deep expertise has enabled us execute multiple successful implementations across major industries and size. econz brings to you the reliability and experience necessary to fully leverage Google for work. Take the first step to google apps deployment toady and schedule a consult

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G Suite (Formerly Google Apps for work) brings you a suite of office tools that help you collaborate and be productive anywhere and virtually in any device of your choice.

  • Includes a list of productivity tools like document creation, sharing and file storage, business emails, sharing video meetings and much more
  • Admin interface is centralized to streamline IT effort for security management settings, users and devices
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Chrome for work brings you devices bundled together with browser that are speedy, secure and extremely easy to operate. The devices run on chrome OS and include Chromebooks and Chromebox for conducting video/audio conference meetings.

  • Centralized web interface to easily manage all the devices
  • Affordable and easily managed video conferencing systems that can be placed throughout the offices and keep teams well connected
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Our G Suite (Google for Work) specialists can help you in the right direction with a quick phone call, This shall help you quickly understand use-cases in your organization and thereby appropriate solutions needed.

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